Monday, July 21, 2008

Fishermen's peril at Kundapura

Kundapura is a town in Udupi district in the Indian state of Karnataka on the west coast of the Indian Subcontinent along the Arabian Sea.
Picture by P Bangalore posted 8th April 2008 here.

A tragic news from Kundapur this morning as reported in
Kundapur, Jul 21: Two of the three fishermen who had ventured into the sea at Gangolli near here for fishing in their gill net boats at about 7 am on Sunday July 20, drowned at about 8.30 am after their boat was hit by strong waves and got caught in the accumulated silt at the dock and overturned. One of the fishermen however, was rescued by fishermen from another boat. Bodies of the drowned fishermen are yet to be found.
Once again reminds us the peril fishermen face all around the world, wherever they are. Strong waves, freaque waves, and undesirable local conditions are all part of their daily life. Safety can never be assured. Our prayers are with them always.

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