Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tidbit news day

Today is shaping up as a day of tidbit news items on the internet. Nothing earth-shaking, no earthquake, tsunami, or threatening storms, just something of interest for being rather out of the ordinary.

First is this "Unmanned boat spins unmanned off Gold Coast beach" of Australia as reported by Greg Stolz of :

A RUNAWAY tinnie spun out of control for about 30 minutes off the Gold Coast after its driver and passenger were thrown overboard.

The 4.7m boat was left to its own devices after it was hit by a rogue wave off Narrowneck, between Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, about 9.50am.

The skipper, 41, and passenger, 33, were thrown into the water about 100m offshore near the artificial reef, sparking an emergency drama.
While "There were too many jagged edges and the boat was moving around too unpredictably in the shorebreak," Gold Coast water police was able to managed rescuing the two boaties and grabbed the boat and towed it to safety "moments before it looked being swamped by a wave."

Then there is this Russian billionare's new yacht as reported by Robert Frank in The Wall Street Journal that look like this:
The 390 ft yacht, the "Motor Yacht A", build for Russian billionire Andrey Melnichenko, is "stirring up the boat world by its radical design that comes as slap in the face to an industry known for its classic conformity. It was designed by French designer Philippe Starck to have 6 guest suites, two swimming pools, a disco, more than 100 speakers and more than a dozen plasma TV screens.

Finally there is this article today in Seattle Times: "Kitsap County's Point No Point Lighthouse a step back into maritime history" by Stuart Eskenazi:
tells the story of this unusual lighthouse that started in 1880 and a Seattle dentist gave up his practice to become the first keeper of Point No Point Lighthouse and keeping a detailed log ever since. It was the first lighthouse built on Puget Sound.

I can not help wondering how many big storms or freaque waves the lighthouse had ever witnessed during the last 129 years in this very peaceful and tranquil place:

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