Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scenes of Typhoon Fung-Wong lashes Taiwan

Typhoon Fung-wong [鳳凰(Phoenix)] is approaching.

Typhoon Fung-wong [鳳凰(Phoenix)] is making landfall at the central east coast of Taiwan. (From NowPublic.)

The over cast sky with dark clouds signifies Typhoon is approaching!. (From NowPublic.)

Trees tilt over after being nearly blown over by Typhoon Fung-wong in Taiwan's northern city of Keelung (picture from Patrick Lin/AFP/Getty Images)

This is an interesting picture rarely connects with Typhoon. But the falling pears in a pears orchard is indeed a victim. (Picture from WAtoday.)

Typhoon is coming but die hard fishermen are still out there in Keelung, north of Taiwan. (from TimesOnline Chiang Ying-ying/AP)

Just walking in the rain during Typhoon Fung-Wong in Taipei. (Picture of Pichi Chuang/Reuters.)

Commuting to work on bike as usual, July 28, 2008, in Hualien. (AFP Photo.)

Heads east China coast after Taiwan. (Hsinhua Photo.)

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