Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freaques in 2008 Summer Olympics

It has been relatively quiet in the freaque waves front. So I think I'll take a side step away to talk about something I found to be amazing to the point of freaque that had happened at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Peiking which is scheduled to open in less than two weeks. More specifically the opening time will be 8 minutes after 8 pm (8 am EDT) on August 8, 2008.

Visitors to the 2008 Olympics will be treated to see the new National Athletic Stadium built as a Bird's Nest (鳥巢).

and the National Swimming Center built as a Water Cube (水立方):

Originally the bird nest and the water cube will be side by side with nothing nearby. However the visitors are going to actually see something like this:

Yes, there's an ancient temple! Two totally modern building alongside an old ancient temple called the Niong-Niong Temple (娘娘廟) which was said to have built in the Ming Dynasty some 600 years ago. The double words niong-niong (娘娘) in Chinese is a term used by people to addressing the empress. Most famous niong-niong is the Buddha's express, known as King Mother Niong Niong (王母娘娘). There are many niong-niong temples around the country presumably to honor various different niong-niongs. It is really not important who the niong-niong is. The full name of this temple is actually Pei-Ding Niong-Niong Temple, since the area is known as the site of Pei-Ding (北頂), the north apex, village. So 北頂娘娘 must be an important niong-niong. (There are supposedly five apexes representing the apex of from five mountain ranges, the north apex in the capital is the most important one.) So there you are, Niong-niong Temple along with the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. Something modern, something old!

What had happened that caused the commies suddenly become nostalgic?

Well, the official site of the local Olympics explains it as an effort to preserve the capital's ancient culture heritage, they moved the water cube 100 m northward to accommodate the Niong-Niong Temple.

I don't know whether the western reporters that allowed to cover this Olympics would accept this explanation. This explanation is, simply put, total baloney. Inconvenient absurdity. (I guess it's no secret that freedom of speech never exist under the commies even during the international Olympics. Only selected reporters by the commies are allowed to cover the Olympics. Some had their visa canceled. Others simply never could get a visa.)

Please note that the site where the bird nest and the water cube were built is used to be the homestead of hundreds of thousands of local people where their ancestors lived there for thousands of years. The commies just used their imperially breed hoodlum force to evict them all from their own home and razed their homes and all their histories and memories to the ground. Hundreds of thousands of people become instantly homeless. These people had sustained through all the dynasties over the generations, all kinds of adversities, all kinds of rulers: domestic, foreign, the Mongolians, the Manchurians, the Japanese, but it is is under the Chinese Marxist commie thugs that they lost everything. Does George Bush know that's what had happened when he so eagerly goes to the Olympic opening? (You may wonder how can the commies do such things in these day and age? I would like to remind you that the Chinese commies had never hesitate to do that sort thing. They have done it before when they evicted may even be millions of people from their thousands of years old home along with thousands of years of historical heritage on both sides of the Yangtze River when the Three Gorges Dam was built not long ago. And they have the audacity to call themselves the "People"'s Republic !?)

But the puzzling question is still why would they decided to spare the Pei-Ding Niong-Niong Temple from wrecking? What really happened?

I am wondering again if the western reporters would ever try to find out and able to report it. (And still keep their visa.) The truth of the matter is that the wrecking of the Niong-Niong Temple has always been a part of the commies' master plan. They want to wipe out all historial Chinese cultural heritage completely. There were workers assigned to do the wrecking, of course. But just as the workers started and barely knocked down the temple gate, suddenly there was a totally unexpected tornado mixed with heavy sand storm intervened. As the construction of the Water Cube was underway at the time, the storm destroyed them all, struck them all down, caused total havoc, wounded 44 workmen and killed two. But after the storm, all were destroyed but the Niong-Niong Temple remained totally intact. No workers in their right mind would want to take part in that wrecking assignment ever again. That storm was on record in the afternoon of August 27, 2004. When it came to pass, the local meteorologist called it the "100-year storm". I seem to remember reading about the news of this storm, but the connection with the destruction of Olympic constructions was never mentioned. Anyway after that, the commies were understandably subdued, did not wish to confront the Pei-Ding Niong-Niong anymore, and decided on peaceful coexistence with her. (Typical commie tactic: when they can't beat you and you are strong, they just call for peaceful coexistence.) At any rate, I am personally gratified to learn about all these, at least some historical subsistence was preserved!

As I said earlier, it's something amazing and also rather freaque. I can not help to be reminded of the words of the one unidentified person in the Bible on the evening of the Good Friday two thousands years ago: "There's truly a God!" (Here I am making a deliberate interpretation. The specific words in St. Mark xv:39, "Truly this man was the Son of God!")

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