Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cruise liner like a toy boat

It is hard to believe that a monster luxurious cruise ship can be rocked significantly, but the following two pictures from Daily Mail online this morning show that it really can!

According to the article:

What was supposed to be a luxury cruise turned into a nightmare for holidaymakers when a ship was hit by 50 ft waves.

Two Britons were taken to hospital after the Balmoral suffered a force nine gale as it hit rough seas and 60mph winds in the Bay of Biscay.

The headline of the article "Pictured: Storm tosses massive cruise liner like a toy boat" is certainly an accurate description. The injured passengers suffered broken bones. It was a "force nine" gale. Large waves can be expected. So damages can be inflected even without necessarily freaque waves. It does not have to be a freaque wave that can turns a holiday into a nightmare. Again we can look at the bright side: only two passengers injured out of an estimated 1400 onboard is probably a blessing, as the outcome could be a lot worse. Thanks be to God!


actUArial soFTware said...

That had to be terrifying. god bless those people.


Ahh! I'm scared of the water as it is, that's terrifying.