Monday, January 05, 2009

The peril of ocean beach, again!

Denpasar is the capital city of the province of Bali, Indonesia which has one of the attractive white sandy beaches that are famous all over the world. Well, this depressing news happened yesterday as reported in Jakarta Globe today reminds us that perils are always inapprehensibly hidden somewhere out there -- even as a simple act as retrieving a playing ball:
High waves off the coast of Bali left two Balinese dead and another missing on Sunday, after the three friends tried to retrieve an errant football.

Bali Marine Police found the bodies of 22-year-old Nyoman Jendra and 19-year-old Nengah Darmada after the two, along with 21-year-old Wayan Suardana, were dragged out to sea by waves off Macesti Beach in Gianyar, Bali Province.

Jendra, Darmada and Suardana were playing a football game with their friends when the ball made its way into the sea.

One of the players, Wayan Arik, said Jendra tried to retrieve the ball, but drifted away.

The three, along with 11 others from Bangli district, had just finished an annual Hindu ritual called Banyupinaruh, in which participants cleanse themselves in the sea to honor Saraswati, a deity of knowledge, music and arts.

“The rest of us decided to look for him, but the currents were very strong,” Arik said. “Only I could make it back to the shore.”

Chief of the Bali Marine Police, Putu Suara Dinata, said officers searched for the three victims but were hampered by giant waves.

High waves in Bali have caused four accidents over the last week, claiming a total of seven lives in the districts of Denpasar and Tabanan.

It's not even freaque waves, just high waves, caused the unnecessary life lost. The title of the article used the words " Deadly waves in Bali." Do we really need to connect the word "deadly" with waves? In this unfortunate case, however, that's just appropriate in context. Can we learn any lesson from this? Yea, never, ever, let you guard down at any rate!

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