Friday, January 16, 2009

From Science News This Week

Being on the email list of the Science Magazine's "Science News This Week" there are two items from the latest issue attracted my attention. First The Transition: Can an Ecologist Push NOAA up the Food Chain? by Erik Stokstad,
When marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco takes the reins of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, her political bosses are likely to ask the agency to play a bigger role in studying and preparing for climate change.
Well, had been a NOAA employee for 3 and 1/2 decades since her beginning, I have never known that NOAA was ever be part of any Food Chain! Regarding bigger role in climate change, since NOAA is already the agency for providing climate data, I wonder what kind of bigger role could it be? Data fabricating? I know that's the specialty of Communist regimes. What do they have in mind? I better go to the library to read the details.

The other item by Richard A. Kerr and Richard Stone: Seismology: A human Trigger for the Great Quake of Sichuan?
The first researchers have gone public with evidence that stresses from water piled behind the new Zipingpu Dam may have triggered last May's devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan Province.
Now that's interesting. Researchers choose to go public with evidence which their Communist regime boss would certainly wish to cover up. There are clearly increasing and enlarging cracks in that mighty regime that can be expected to collapse anytime now. Only dummy politicians with wee-sized brain and bussiness minions alike would still think that the Commie Chinese regime can last!

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