Monday, January 26, 2009

Rogue Waves 2008

I attended the Rogue waves 2008 workshop at Brest, France last October, 2008. While there will be a proceedings volume published later this year, now all the presentations made at the conference including video recordings are available online and can be openly accessible.

Here's how to access as per the conference organizers' instruction:
The presentations that were delivered at the workshop are now online at
To access those presentations, we require that you register, but note
that there is no restriction on who can register. The process is as
- Connect to the site above
- Fill-in the registration request
- Wait for the confirmation e-mail that you should receive a
few seconds later
- Confirm your registration with the details in that mail
- Access the site
The openly available of the Webcast of the presentations is certainly something new and welcome, especially for the ones who could not make it to the conference. For me personally however, this is the first time I ever see myself talking. It's not very comfortable when there were spots I wish I could do it over and some parts the synchronization between talks and slides were totally off. Anyway this is a good start, it probably will be the things to come in the evolution of presentation technology. It's been really a long way since those good old days when everyone's carrying a tray of slides to the conference.

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