Friday, January 16, 2009

Numbers game

I find the following list from an item posted by P. J. Gladnick in the NewsBusters too irresistible not to re-copy it here: (

31,000 Scientists Prove No 'Consensus’ on "Man-Made" Global Warming (OISM)
4000 Scientists sign 'The Heidelberg Appeal' (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
1500 Scholars, Policy Experts and Theologians sign the 'Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship' (Cornwall Allliance)
1100 Climate Realists sign 'The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change' (ICSC)
650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made Global Warming Scares (The Heartland Institute)
400 Scientists Dispute Man-Made Global Warming Claims (US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works)
170 Scientists, Economists and Theologians sign an open letter to the signers of 'Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action' (Cownwall Alliance)
105 Scientists sign 'The Leipzig Declaration on Global Climate Change' (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
100 Scientists sign an 'Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations'National Post, Canada)
60 Scientists call on Harper to revisit the science of global warming (Financial Post, Canada)
47 Scientists sign the 'Statement by Atmospheric Scientists on Greenhouse Warming' (Science & Environmental Policy Project)
41 Scientists debunk global warming alert (The Daily Telegraph, UK)
35 Skeptical Scientists, 'The Deniers' (National Post, Canada)

Yesterday I read in the Daily Princetonian about their Physics professor William Happer asked last month to be added to the list of global warming dissenters in a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee report. The list, among the ones that listed above, includes more than 650 experts who challenge the belief that human activity is contributing to global warming.

Have you heard the word "consensus" be uttered lately? Did Algore ever disclose how many are there in the overwhelming(?) "consensus"? It is rather funny that "consensus" had been used to intimidate any disbelievers by Algore and company in the recent past, has now lost all its glamor. Even after the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Or may be especially because of the Obama election. Professor Happer requested to be named a skeptic in light of the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, whose administration has, as Happer notes, “stated that carbon dioxide is a pollutant” and that humans are “poisoning the atmosphere.”

My name is not on any of the lists, but I support them all!

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