Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A freaque wave swept from the yacht

This news just posted from the Boston Globe:
Dr. Edmund B. ‘Ned’ Cabot, a retired surgeon and scion of a Boston Brahmin family, drowned Saturday off the coast of Newfoundland, when a rogue wave swept him from his yacht, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said today.
Cabot, 69, a lifelong sailor, was on the final leg of a journey he and friends had pursued over the past seven summers on his sloop, Cielita, that had taken them from Nova Scotia through Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland to the coast of Norway, said Peter B. Ellis, a friend of Cabot’s for 40 years.
Ellis said Cabot was sailing with two friends Saturday afternoon, about 200 miles from the end of their long journey, when a “rogue wave” struck the yacht and swept Cabot into the sea.
Whenever news of freaque waves happen, the news will always be bad, this one is no exception.  We have seen plenty of tragedies caused by swept from beach or shore.  This time the prominent doctor was being swept from his own yacht.  So this one happened in the open ocean during a long journey of familiar sailing adventure.  We wish to extend our heart feel condolence to Dr. Cabot's family and friends and may Dr. Cabot rest in peace!

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