Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tragic drown happened off coast of Majorca

Metro News reporter just reported another tragic case this morning that happened yesterday off coast of Majorca:
According to local media reports the 28-year-old man dived into the waters off Cala Antena in the south-east of the Spanish island as his seven-year-old son was swept out by a freak wave.

Another swept out case by a freaque wave, another terrible tragedy for a family that lost theit young father and son.  Here are the details:
Sky News, quoting local media, said the man had been taking pictures of his son on rocks when he was struck by a large wave.
'It is a terrible tragedy. It appears the young boy was swept from the rocks by a large wave, and the dad naturally dived in to try to save him,' a police source said.
'The sea was ferocious with very strong waves crashing onto the rocks, and when it's like that those stairs are extremely dangerous.'
He added: 'The staircase really should be closed off when the weather is like that.'
The incident comes a fortnight after Briton Brian O'Dwyer, 66, died trying to save his granddaughter Lara Lewis, five, when she was hit by a freak wave in Portugal. [ See this blog here.]
Lara was swept away on the beach at Nazare while her parents Philip and Sian, from Hackney, east London, were sunbathing nearby, with rescue workers unable to revive her after spending around an hour trying to resuscitate her.
It's a heart aching news to read on a Sunday morning, we can only pray the Lord to grant mercy to the young father and son may they rest in peace and to the family that faces this grim undue tragedy.  Hope some day we can really prevent this kind of tragic happenings from ever happen again!

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