Saturday, September 15, 2012

Swallow's Nest Castle in Yalta, Ukraine

This is not about freaque waves, I am just fascinated by this picture:

I found this picture from here. The photo was by Steve Raymer, it is the Swallow's Nest Castle in Ukraine as:
The neo-Gothic Swallow's Nest castle perches 130 feet (40 meters) above the Black Sea near Yalta in southern Ukraine. Built by a German noble in 1912, the flamboyant seaside residence now houses an Italian restaurant.
Castle over the sea is always romantic.  I once mixed Yalta with Malta in the Mediterranean when I attended a workshop in Malta. Now I think both are fascinating, Malta is a country in the Mediterranean south of Italy.  Yalta is a resort city in south Ukraine famous for the 1945 Yalta Conference during WWII.  Here's another view of the castle, a view from the sea by photographer  Kvinoz:

Note that 40 m above the sea is probably shields the castle from any possible freaque wave attack, since no waves on record can reach up that high yet!  But I would love to hear stories the castle might have witnessed during the stormy days!

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