Thursday, September 06, 2012

Philippine boat overturns

This news was reported by the Oregon KTVL TV station :
 KIDAPAWAN, Philippines (AP) -- Officials in the southern Philippines say an overcrowded passenger boat carrying mostly grade school students to a math contest has overturned. Three passengers died, two others were missing and more than a dozen were rescued.
 Police Superintendent Leo Ajero says waves generated by a passing vessel caused the motorboat to overturn along the Pulangi River in Kabacan town early Wednesday.
 Three bodies have been found. None of them were students, but one of the people missing is a student. Ajero says a search is continuing.
It was not immediately clear if the students who survived the accident continued their trip to the Kabacan school to compete in the contest.
This tragedy was caused by a wave that may be justified to be called a freaque wave.  In this case, unlike many other cases, we know where the wave was probably came from and why it had happened.  But still there is no way to prevent it.  The key point in this story is that  "waves generated by a passing vessel" as alluded by the Police Superintendent. There are studies, maybe far from sufficient,  regarding passing large vessels generated freaque like waves in nearshore area.  Unfortunately we may know the cause but at the present we are still not able to prevent something like this to happen. Pray for the three lost souls.

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