Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tourist tragedy happened on Baja California beach

Another big wave on a beach, another tragedy.  This just happened on Baja California beach as reported in huffingtonpost last night:
LOS CABOS, Mexico -- Authorities in Mexico say a giant wave has dragged off a U.S. couple walking on a Baja California beach, drowning the 72-year-old husband and injuring his 66-year-old wife.
Prosecutors say a navy boat found Ted Park's body two hours later in the ocean 800 yards from the spot where the wave hit the couple. The statement says Park's wife Shinae suffered respiratory problems after Wednesday's accident in Los Cabos.
The couple was visiting from Walnut Creek, California.
The U.S. consulate confirms that the man who died was a U.S. citizen.
Los Cabos at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula is a favorite vacation spot for Hollywood stars and thousands of other U.S. tourists who still venture to Mexican beaches despite the drug violence that plagues parts of the country.
Mr. Ted Park, R.I.P.

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