Wednesday, December 05, 2007

After a quiet hurricane season . . .

The 2007's quiet hurricane season just ended, but the early winter season does not seem to be as kind to the Pacific northwest coasts of U.S. and the Atlantic west coasts of U.K. and Ireland. The news are plentiful on the internet but not much among the drive-by media. Here are some depressing pictures from USA Today and Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

These are clearly natural miseries that happens from time to time here, there, somewhere and sometime throughout the ages. This world is not paradise. I just earnestly hope that the Gore-bbale-gook gang will not trying to blame us SUV drivers for all these. But I am almost certain that they will. If so, so what? What did Algore people have ever done beyond blaming someone for the nature happenings no scientist could really get a handle on? They know not what they do!


This article by Corey Pein has some alternative thoughts about the storm and media coverage:

Is it safe to come out yet? WW’ s weather-watching professionals hunkered down in our hurricane-proof bunker watching the TV news for signs of the apocalypse, which, according to local meteorologists, was due to commence last week with snow (!) and an honest-to-God hurricane (!!).

Well, maybe not a hurricane, per se, but a “double whammy,” “one-two punch” of “monster storms” coming to “batter” the Oregon Coast with winds of more than 100 mph and flood the Willamette Valley. True, damage outside the Portland area was serious. Yet so was the need to fill air time to discuss the storm of the century. The storm may not have lived up to the hype—but the coverage could be more frightening than the event.
I totally agree with his viewpoints. But I still think the pictures, worth a few thousand words, are nevertheless rather depressing to look at.

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