Saturday, December 22, 2007

Say, what ever happened to fall?

The tittle of today's post is taken from an article in "The Sun Chronicle" with the same title given by the editor "Say, what ever happened to fall?" It's an article by Stephen Peterson that starts with
ATTLEBORO - Was there really a fall this year?

It just seemed like we cruised with no transition from summer to winter, which officially kicks in today.

It was an autumn of polar opposites, with most of the fall seeing above average and often downright summer-like temperatures, and the tail end experiencing temps well below normal and weather usually found in the heart of winter.

The weather changed so abruptly with the two recent snowstorms and Arctic chill, many homeowners didn't finish raking leaves before the wintry conditions descended.

which describes the New England, but it's more or less similar in our Midwest here also. We have enjoyed a relatively mild autumn season until last Monday's 10 plus inches' snow in the southeast Michigan.

In New England, according to Peterson:
The start of fall saw two straight days of record-breaking temperatures, including 91 degrees on Sept. 26.

October, with an average daily high temperature of 70 degrees, tied the record for the warmest October in the 68 years the water department has been keeping weather records. The month had an unusual four record daily high temperatures, including 86 degrees on Oct. 6 that tied for the highest October temp ever recorded, and 80 degrees Oct. 18 that broke a 51-year-old record.

November continued the unseasonably warm weather, with an average daily high of 53 degrees. The highest temp was 73 degrees.

With almost 17.5 inches of snow falling before winter arrived, from the two major storms and two minor ones this month, the Attleboro area has already surpassed last winter's 14.5 inches. The 11-inch storm on Dec. 13 fell into a two-way tie for the third biggest one-day snowfall for December.
Again with may be different dates, that's pretty much the same in Michigan. Charitably the reporter of this article did not mention global warming. I guess no one is complaining about the mild higher autumn temperature. As a matter of fact if global warming should bring us milder winter, who would object to that? There are plenty of good things come with global warming, why should it be branded as something disastrous?

Global warming is part of natural climate change that happens through out the history. Human really do not have much ability to influence it one way or the other. Neither Algore's private jet, nor my SUV can do much to affect the climate change. Why can't we be just happy with the beneficial aspects of the warming before the cooling will soon sets in, which no one can change that either. I wonder if Mr. Algore and his followers had ever stop and think how silly they might look when the real history of this period is finally written?

I worry about a whole lot of things my grand daughters might face in the world of their future, global warming is most definitely not one of them!

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