Monday, December 10, 2007

Wet and windy

This is an impressive as well as scary picture published in this morning with a long title "Pictures of the weather in West Sussex show this is what the Met Office meant by wet and windy" and these description

The forecasters had warned us it was coming. But the sheer spectacle of the stormy weather took everyone by surprise.

This was the scene on the South Coast yesterday as gale force storms battered Britain, bringing chaos to roads and rail and threatening homes with more floods.

Winds hit hurricane speeds of 77mph in the South-West, while a combination of powerful gusts and high seas made seafronts and coastal paths treacherous.

Which is just about tells it all. I am in Netherland this week where the weather is wet but not as windy. So we can be thankful for that. It seems that the nature really does not like the man-made artificial seasons. All the bad weather around the world seems to started right after the man-made hurricane season ended. As this AP news indicated that there could still be a tropical storm in Atlantic to hit Puerto Rico yet. What makes the human so smart that they think they can decide the start and end of some season? It just ain't so!

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