Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Freaque wave tickles spot made of light!

Wow! Earthshaking news! If your earth has not shaking yet something must be wrong. Because it appeared in Nature, and also in Scientific American. So no one should doubt the wisdom and judgement of these two scientific magazines, right? There would be probably be more, much more to come!

What is the news?

Well, just get ready to be completely impressed. First by the Nature's title
"Rogue waves made of light."
How can you not be impressed from a title like this in Nature! Yep, it's not any little green man or UFO, it's made of light. Are you impressed yet? If not then you better read, or study, the Scientific American's explanation:
"Essentially there is a sweet spot or tickle spot we found. If you tickle the wave on this particular spot, it develops into one of these rogue waves," he said.
Wow! How profound! A tickle spot develops into freaque waves. All ship captains beware, your job is now to look for the tickle spot in the ocean! Or else it will be your own risk that the spot develops into an ocean freaque wave and you are doomed! The "he" in the above Scientific American quote is Daniel Solli of the University of California, Los Angeles, whose study appears in the journal Nature. Are you impressed? He is the same Daniel Solli discovered "superluminal effects" that could potentially boost computer speeds by as two to ten times according to this "Latest Technology News" in April, 2001. Never heard of him? neither did I. Nevertheless can Nobel Peace Prize be far behind ?!

You are going to read more and more of this news from all newspapers and magazines everywhere in the coming days in one version of the write-up or another, I am sure. Just remember: readers are being enlightened here first!

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