Sunday, December 09, 2007

Power thoughts

A short article in the U.K. tabloid "The People" perhaps describes a typical human reaction to nature. It's entitled "IT'S DECEMBRRR!" Yea, so it's December, so what? Here's the story

A triple whammy of wild weather threatened Britain this weekend.

Yesterday downpours flooded parts of South Wales while snow and ice hit parts of the North with more expected today.

Winds gusting up to 80mph are forecast to sweep into the South West.

The near-hurricane force blasts could damage property and bring down trees in Devon and Cornwall. Winds in the South will be up to 55mph, said forecasters.

Last night there were 30 flood warnings across England and dozens more flood watches with a predicted tidal surge today set to threaten defences in the Bristol Channel.

They are all true facts that are happening here, there, somewhere. When did the nature ever care about your seasonal designation anyway? Never, of course. So human has to learn to live with the nature, while the nature couldn't care less how human react. Of course there are human worse than the damage of the nature, because they have to blame other human for the nature. I guess those are the sub-human kind we have to live with it also. In the long run, however, nature power we can learn to cope sooner or later, it's when the sub-human gets power, then the unfortunate human sufferings will be unbearable!

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