Friday, December 21, 2007

Global warming, hotter than ever -- really ?!

Huff, puff, huff and puff, "Breakthrough" of the year according to Science magazine by Eli Kintisch and Richard A. Kerr:

Global Warming, Hotter Than Ever

Really? How hot was it?

Huff and puff, it was hot ! how hot? huff and puff, you know, we had a long hot summer. Really?

Does anyone remember how "hotter than ever" the last summer was? I do, on one aspect. My next door neighbor has a swimming pool in their back yard facing my driveway. Every year there were a few extreme hot days and I can see our neighbor Nick jump into the pool. But this past summer I don't think they have used the pool once, may be at most once. So this is the breakthrough year hotter than ever for global warming? This is not science result, neither are Kintisch and Kerr's huff and puff or those media reports!

According to Science:
In 2007, the debate about the reality of global warming ended, at least in the political and public realms in the United States.
Really? No more debate? (That's why Algore doesn't have the nerve to debate anyone!) Here's why, huff, puff, according to Science:
After 6 years of silence, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) drew heavy and wholly positive media coverage for a series of wide-ranging reports. The world is warming, IPCC declared; human activity is behind most of it, and if it keeps up we'll pay a price. But the panel also said that much of the climate pain might be avoided if the world agrees to begin sharing the economic pain. Impressed with that performance, the Nobel committee anointed IPCC, as well as climate campaigner Al Gore, with its Peace Prize.
That's it? That's the breakthrough? There's more;
A steady stream of media reports this year noted record melting of Greenland ice, record-high temperatures in the United States, and surging Antarctic glaciers.
O.K. "media" reports certainly carry weights! Since when did media reports become important in science? There's more:

Yes, this picture above of Dal Lake in Kashmir, India showing it has shrunk to half its former over 4 decades. It had never happen like that before? We have a history much much longer than 4 decades. This is the breakthrough?

Where's the beef? Oh yes, Science magazine, where's the science?

In the same issue of Science, there's also an article entitled "Revisiting ozone depletion" with the one sentence abstract: "New laboratory data imply unknown mechanisms in the formation of the ozone hole, but it is too soon to throw out the old paradigms." It appears that more questions regarding global warming theory but the author insists the results are "too soon" to believe them. Because they were too inconvenient! Science results are less reliable than media reports, of course!

Huff, puff, we are in a breakthrough year of global warming!

Last week we have nearly 10 inches snow accumulated over night as it'll happens most winters. But we are in a breakthrough year of global warming now. The Science magazine says so. Huff, puff, that must true! Huff, puff,
"The world is warming, IPCC declared; human activity is behind most of it, and if it keeps up we'll pay a price."
Huff, puff, it's Science magazine, Algore, and IPCC, you are too dumb not to believe it!

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