Saturday, March 28, 2009

Accidental shark bite

Accidental shark bite?

Yep, the title of the story was "Freak accident puts teeth mark into angler's thigh" in this South African Weekend Post today by reporter Shaanaaz de Jager. I generally ignore stories like this. But this one is mildly interesting:

IN a freak incident, a Port Elizabeth angler was injured by an “accidental shark bite” near the Sundays River Mouth yesterday while assisting in an angling competition.

EP Shore Angling Association member Tony Dell, 59, a Proteas shore angling coach, was assisting a Free State angler reel in a ragged-tooth shark during the Free State Shore Angling Competition when it happened.

“A wave gave buoyancy to the shark and pushed the 150kg raggy against his leg. The shark‘s top jaw got caught in Dell‘s calf,” said EP Shore Angling Association chairman Richard Prinsloo.

Dell was not competing and was merely guiding the Free State anglers. Prinsloo described the incident as an accident.

I dislike the use of the adjective "freak" where ever it is used. Somehow a "wave gave buoyancy to the shark and pushed the 150kg raggy against his leg" should be classified as a rare of the rare events. It may never happen again. But again it's a large world out there. Anything can happen. Who could ever believe a community organizer can managed to occupy the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in D.C.? That was no accident, but a connivingly schemed plot to sabotage U. S. Constitution that caught American people off guard. So American people got much more than a shark bite. Well, I digress. Anyway back to the story, we can at least regard Mr. Dell as very lucky because obviously the shark was not hungry at that time!

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