Monday, March 16, 2009

Man-made sea level raising

Here's another master piece of Gerald Warner's column in the U.K. Telegraph:

Nothing raises the sea level so quickly as a recession. With the general public relegating trendy climate-change anxieties to the back burner as people struggle to hold onto their jobs and homes, politicians are hastily rearranging their priorities in tandem. Since this threatens the flow of billions of pounds and dollars to UN-friendly scientists who have signed up to the man-made climate change hoax perpetrated by the IPCC, these mendicants have to up the ante.

They did so in caricature fashion at Copenhagen. Climate scare-mongering has now reached so hysterical a height of extravagance it is becoming counter-productive. Every rabbit is being pulled out of the hat: they are competing now to predict ever higher sea-level increases, in a kind of Dutch auction. Two years ago the prediction ranged from 18cm to 29cm; at Copenhagen it was ratcheted up to 120 cm. Any advance on 120 cm?

They have even, in their desperation, returned to the (for them) embarrassing topic of the supposed depletion of the Antarctic ice sheet - a myth recently exploded. The Antarctic ice sheet is growing. Still the alarmists predict the inundation of East Anglia, Essex (if only!) and just about everywhere short of Ben Nevis.

The alarmists know a trick or two. They are particularly fond of measuring sea levels around Hong Kong: that city is sinking into a bed of sediment which produces very satisfactory statistics for its relationship to the water level, provided one ignores the fact that it is Hong Kong that is descending rather than the sea ascending. Venice is a favoured location too.

What this is all about is the constant need to replenish the coffers of those scientists who have taken the UN's shilling by sounding ever more urgent alarms, in the hope that public opinion will compel governments to keep on paying Danegeld to climate-change alarmists. As the recession deepens, improvident bankers and the global warming industry are the last remaining beneficiaries of the public purse deemed sacrosanct. The Al Gore brigade intends to keep it that way, so do not be surprised if the salt water rises over your chin shortly - in the computer model if not in real life.

I sort of know that Hong Kong is slowly sinking, but no one seems to be particularly alarmed. But I am surprised to learn that Hong Kong can be used this way to fool people.

First thing first -- Get US out of UN, get UN out of US! Who cares about IPCC?

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