Friday, March 20, 2009

Boat smarts

My insurance agent sends me all kind of commercial mails from time to time including a news letter kind of magazine. I usually don't pay much attention to them. One of the recent ones carried a small article called "Boat Smarts" that listed two general statistics I find they are worthy of some attention which may or may not be widely known:
  • Wear a life jacket. More than two-thirds of fatal boating accident victims drawn -- 90 percent of those victims don't wear life jackets.
  • Be careful in small powered watercraft. Three of every four boaters who drawn use vessels less than 21 feet long.
I did not check the accuracy of these statistics, I assumed that they were based on reliable sources. Though not really surprising, these numbers tend to be higher than I otherwise would have anticipated. At any rate wearing a life jacket and avoiding small boats if you can will always be good advices to live by! I advocate wearing a life jacket even when you are on the beach area. Moreover if possible wear a helmet also! You can't be too careful for your own safety!

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