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Monday, March 23, 2009

A pair of storm wave videos on Atlantic and Pacific

I wondered onto this metacafe site and found this storm wave video made during crossing Atlantic Ocean some time during the autumn of 2007 by ArtursD. It's a good, well done video with lots of detailed views on waves and wave effects. I couldn't do it any better even if I were out there myself. (Thank God, I was not.) For wave watching aficionados this is the real thing!

Storm With Force 10 By Beaufort Scale In Atlantic Ocean

And then here's another one also by ArtursD. for the Pacific's with these descriptions:
I shoot this video in Pacific ocean when we sailed to Korea and encountered with very rough sea. The weather was actually very calm - no wind and the sun was shining. Funny, isn't it?
For reference, the 170m long ship was fully loaded and had a freebord height of only 4m. Therefore the waves were flushing on the deck so often. Enjoy it!
Somehow seeing all the waves while the weather was calm and no wind is not very easy to comprehend:

Storm With No Wind In Pacific Ocean

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