Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happening at Oregon Inlet

According to Wikipedia Oregon Inlet is "an inlet along North Carolina's Outer Banks. It joins the Pamlico Sound with the Atlantic Ocean and separates Bodie Island from Pea Island, which are connected by a 2.5 mile bridge that spans the inlet. As one of the few access points to the ocean along this stretch of coast, Oregon Inlet is a major departure point for charter fishing trips, with a nearby harbor serving as the base for many large boats that travel miles out towards the Gulf Stream almost every day."

Here's a tranquil and serene scenery of Oregon Inlet and Bridge.

Now here's the local news reported at WNCT this morning by Stephanie Moore:
A Coast Guard rescue ended successfully early Wednesday evening.

Officials say a rescue boat crew towed a disabled vessel to safety, after it was hit by a rogue wave near Oregon Inlet.

They say the owner called the Coast Guard soon after he was hit by the wave.

The crew of station Oregon Inlet towed the boat to safe water in order to rescue the owner.

The owner is expected to recover the boat today.
Well, freaque waves happen any places at any time. Yes, even in a serene, tranqil place like the above picture. Be prepared!

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