Friday, March 06, 2009

Global warming: Was it ever really a crisis?

Thanks to the Internet, which Algore dreamt to have invented, people can really get rightfully informed where many of the informations the zombie, alphabet soup, drive-by media usually trying to hide from people.

A case in point, do you know that there will be a major international conference on climate change is going to open next week in New York? Yes, on March 8-10, 2009, there will be the Second Annual International Conference on Climate Change to take place in New York. Not heard of it? Consider yourself under-informed or may be misinformed. I remember blogged about the first one last year. According to Alan Caruba , National Anxiety Center, this conference will "bringing together several hundred climatologists, meteorologists, economists, and others to further dismember the hoax."

So why should anyone care about the thing, hoax or otherwise?

An answer may be found in this March 1, 2009 article by Caruba:
Meanwhile, the true cost of the global warming hoax lives on in idiotic government mandates for blending ethanol with gasoline or demands for “alternative energy” (wind and solar) unsuited to providing anywhere near the billions of megawatts the U.S. requires to function. If a “cap and trade” proposal regarding greenhouse gas emissions passes Congress, an invisible, baseless tax on energy will be imposed on all Americans.

We have all been lied to by a shameless confederation of scientists, their professional publications, their formal organizations, and politicians seeking to use this big scare to advance their careers and agendas. The problem for all of them is that the real science does not support global warming and never did.

Real scientists, branded dissenters, skeptics, and deniers, held true to the principles of science, knowing that it would eventually end this vast and terrible hoax.
And this video:


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