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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sailmike Mike's encounter

Most of us are probably never heard of the 16 years old young sailor by the name of Michael Perham. Here's a part of the BBC News report last November:

Michael Perham, 16, from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire is the youngest person to have sailed across the Atlantic alone.

He set out on his latest voyage from Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, on his Open 50 Racing Yacht on Saturday morning.

He will be alone at sea for over four months and his only contact with family will be through satellite link-ups.
Well, here's the latest about the young sailor's adventure reporting in Yachting Monthly entitled: Mike Perham knocked down in Southern Ocean. Oh, Mike is doing just fine, he only encountered a freaque wave Thursday night.

Here's from his blog on what had happened:
Thursday night brought with it some strong conditions but I'd set the boat up really well and was totally shipshape. I spent most of the time inside, as that was the safest place to be in these conditions.

During the night we were moving along just fine and I was sitting at the chart table doing some work when a freak wave picked up and knocked us down - past 90degrees!

I had to brace my feet on the ceiling and watch my world literally turn on its side. As quick as we went over, the keel and the ballast brought me smartly back upright. sailed on as if nothing had happened, showing what a truly remarkable and safe boat she is.

After the momentary shock of being knocked down eased, I shined a torch up at the rig; it looked fine, which was a relief. I immediately did a quick boat check from front to back, and despite a bit of water in the bilges, everything looked just fine. In the main cabin a few bits and bobs had been thrown about off the shelves, it was a bit of a bombshell. One of my 20l diesel tanks had sprung a leak and oil covered the floor turning it into an ice rink. So much for my nice and tidy cabin!
Don't you just admire the cool and calm of this brilliant young sailor alone out there in the Southern Ocean? And a salute to the best designed and built boat also! Here's a picture the Yachting Monthly published:

Check out the web site of Sailmike -- Mike Perham World Challenge. We wish all the very best winds for Mike all the way!

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