Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Samaritan to the rescue

This breaking news just reported in the Tempa Bay Online on a good ending case happened earlier today:
Photo by Cliff McBride

A good Samaritan rescued four people clinging to an overturned boat near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge this morning, St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue workers say.

Three-foot waves and winds reaching 25 knots caused the 19-foot boat to capsize just south of the bridge at 11:20 a.m., Lt. Brad Dykens said. The captain of the boat, Brad Buckley, 60, of Palmetto, blamed a rogue wave for the mishap.

A commercial charter fishing boat called "The Hub" rescued the four people thrown into the water. None was wearing a life jacket, Dykens said.

The fishing boat brought the rescued boaters to O'Neill's Marina, 6701 34th Street South. St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue workers examined them and said all are in good condition except for minor scrapes and bruises.

The Coast Guard towed the capsized boat to Maximo Marina, Deputy Fire Marshal Joel Granata said.

Four lucky people thankful to the good Samaritan of the commercial charter fishing boat "The Hub". Next time hope they'll at least remember wearing their life jacket.

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